Golf Charity Consulting and Fundraising Tools

Wouldn’t you want to be efficient and raise the most money for your golf tourney?

Kingdom Corporate Golf is a fundraising consultation service and provider of fundraising tools to help golf charity and corporate event planners raise the most amount of money they can on their golf tournament.


A golf tourney expert keeps you on path through fundraising consultation?

The way in which we approach a golf charity or corporation conducting a golf charity event, is to engage with the organization with a golf tournament feasibility study and diagnostic evaluation.  Through this diagnostic, we determine if a golf event is do-able, or, if not, what might be the best fundraising event to conduct first and whether a charity golf tournament may be the next fundraising event.


The engagement begins with a $250 payment to begin the diagnostic evaluation.  There would normally be two (2) meetings (in person or online) with the diagnostic being conducted in meeting one (1) and solutions presented in meeting two (2).  A second $250 is paid just prior to meeting (2).  If a golf event is to be conducted the $500 paid to this point goes toward the implementation of the event with another $250 required to move forward.  Once we move forward with the golf event, the total commission to KCG is 17.5% of the total raised, minus the $750.  Final payments are made two weeks following the event.


The payments are guaranteed in that the $750 will be returned to the organization if $15,000 total funds are not raised when the KCG consultation strategy is followed.


Phase 1 is the identification of the strategy, the venue, the overall financial and “other” goals, the recruitment of the Committee and the implementation of the Sponsorship strategy.  Not hardly any “golf” stuff is conducted at the beginning, because it’s all about setting up for a successful fundraiser.


What are the fundraising products Kingdom Corporate Golf can assist you with?


Even if your golf charity tournament is not interested in a full-blown consultation, Kingdom Corporate Golf has arranged to provide any golf event with tools that can help add an additional $1,500 to $6,500 to your net – net…..


Check out our products by clicking here……



Specially updated information and strategies


Golf Consulting


What is Golf Charity Fundraising Consultation anyway?










Charity Golf Tournament Budget


Download our latest interactive Charity Golf Tournament Budget Template














Charity Golf Course


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Planning a Golf Charity Event


Check out our new update on Planning a Golf Charity Event….





Charity Golf Event Sponsorship Committee


What should the Charity Golf Event Sponsorship Committee look like, do and how do they stay motivated?








The KCG Video Series…



How does SeeYourGame add $$$ to your golf charity event?





What’s the Kingdom Corporate Golf difference??



The golf part of the business is the fun part and we recommend to all of our clients that the best possible experience be provided for all of the players participating in their golf charity event, this is what encourages them to play in your event the next year!


Kingdom Corporate Golf

We can conduct your event from beginning to end or engage in any part of your event to maximize fundraising opportunities.  Regardless, we will help you raise more money and consume less time on your golf fundraising event.  Click here to get a taste of how we do that.


Here are the important tools and incentives offered by Kingdom Corporate Golf;



1.  GolfDigestPlanner – THE best golf event management tool on the market today.  Get a FREE website for your golf event.  Get weekly emails guiding your event planning.  Get a database manager for all of your contacts.  Get the email and social media tools necessary to market your event without mailing costs.  Get signage and banner packages, hole-in-one and tournament packages; all in a one-stop location inside of GolfDigestPlanner.


2.  Full golf fundraising consultation – Why try to figure it out yourself?  There are hundreds of tasks and considerations.  Why not engage with KCG?  How do you identify a Golf Fundraising Committee?  How do you raise the most Sponsorships?  Kingdom Corporate Golf does it and does it right.


In fact, you can go to the Phase 1 Consultation and download both Phase 1 and the Tasklist 2013

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